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Understanding our numerological and astrological code, and deciphering every part of our lives is an essential but often overlooked aspect in our life that must be studied and understood. The word "numbers" when translated in Latin means "nombre" which translates into the English word NAME. This partakes the importance of bearing our true self through the expression of the obscure and what the meaning of our lives is based off of Numerology. 

My belief is that every person is a vibration that is through a causation of energy, and through this energy - only then can we understand what is our role in this world and what contributions we are here to make. We may not be able to understand why certain vibrations don't sit well with us,  but this in turn helps us become conscious individuals in understanding how prevalent it is to take the time to understand ourselves through Numerology. 


When we become inquisitive in our spiritual journey, we decipher every part of ourselves through our core numbers and we replenish and transform into our true authentic selves. Through this self-analysis we can become masters of the self. When we understand our true authentic selves, we become opened towards something more profound, and we externalize it through our actions and in turn becomes the beacon of light for others as well.

Through my research and data analyzations, there is a foundational stance in finding patterns and revelations that have lived within each and every one of us - something that we have enmeshed ourselves in, even if we aren't conscious of it 100%. This is why it is my pleasure to research and contribute uniquely into the Numerological world through date and simple observation. 


My mission is to give awareness to people, (one person at a time) of their core 6 numbers, so that they too can continuously spread this message of empowerment and to contribute towards the Numerological community in a way that can give each and every single one of us a breakthrough. 

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We explore 6 core numbers, how they intertwine.

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We explore 6 core numbers, how they intertwine with your significant others 6 numbers. 

We cover relationship, health, past life regression, karmic debt, and so much more!


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We talk the basics of your entire birth and numerology chart, and go over in detail any information you'd like to discover about yourself. Very in depth information!

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