Bridgette Love has been a student and practitioner of Numerology & Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) for more than a decade. At the age of 16, Bridgette was introduced to the magic of Numerology, and decided to make it her life's work. Years later she was introduced to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) through a serendipitous experience that changed her life forever. Dedicating her life and expressing her immense devotion to these ancient sciences have been nothing but a rewarding experience for her. She has been a YouTuber since 2015, shedding her knowledge of these beautiful sciences for all to know. 

The philosophy behind Bridgette's practice, stands within the constant knowing that these endless manifestations of knowledge are hardly 100 percent known. She invites you along within her journey to continuously explore, study, and research to enrich your life with truth and love. The most rewarding quest one can take in this lifetime, is a journey to the unimaginable truth that deserves every bit of our respect & devotion. Such acts of awareness can only harness a grandeur world filled with individuals who are just as passionate about the cosmos as they too can change the world at large with spiritual transcendence. 

ॐ शनैश्चराय विदमहे छायापुत्राय धीमहि
तन्नो मंद: प्रचोदयात 


Jyotish, or also known as Vedic Astrology is the hindu system of Astrology which utilizes the sidereal system that retracts 23 degrees less currently from the tropical Western system. This practice is a profound and mathematically revealing form of astrology that originated in the ancient texts of India, also known as the vedas. Jyotish when translated into English, signifies and defines itself as the “science of light”. Therefore Jyotish is not just an astrological practice, it’s a lifestyle of discernment and conscious awareness and the individual nature of the self and others. The practice of Jyotish utilizes the 27 fixed lunar mansions also known as Nakshatras. The vast and complex practice of such a sacred science acts as a way to shed awareness and at the same time cultivates strong disciplinary practices through physical and mental conditioning through Yogic practice to fulfill the role as an astrologer.

Jyotish is astoundingly healing and revealing as it utilizes the 7 original planets, but it does not include the outer planets (such as Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus). Such practice describes and reveals planetary alignments given to each of us at birth, which can helps us understand what is our role in this world, and how to master one's own journey and helps us masterfully realign ourselves. Through the usage of Jyotish, we become analytical and introspective of our individual journey, as it can help us evaluate our strengths and challenges to help optimize what our full potential is. By gifting ourselves the knowledge that is necessary to help us decipher when the next changing or period will come, we can earnestly walk every step forward with internal wisdom and awareness. Through the process of understanding this practice fundamentally, we can internalize not only our spiritual evolution but spread such light onto others. 

Jyotish is vastly different than western astrology, respectfully in the following. 1) Jyotish utilizes the sideral zodiac, which is connected to the 27 fixed nakshatras. The position of these constellations, determine the true engine behind the rasi, and it sheds light through the usage of padas to determine the true dignity. Western astrology uses the tropical system which is related to the changeable position of the Sun. 2) Jyotish utilizes 60 divisional charts to decipher the horoscope of the querent. This makes Jyotish extremely detailed and accurate as divisional charts are the additional charts that sheds light on a specific area of your birth chart. For example, for a career consulation the birth chart can be used, but to see how each planet manifestef in our D10, your dasamsha chart will determine the truth behind the true dignities of one's planets and how one will get to their great successes. 3) Your ascendant is extremely pivotal in Jyotish, also known as the sacred atma, and the atma lord is so important. In Western, the Sun signs tends to be main focus and it also embraces more flexibility pertaining to astrological rules. Whereas Vedic Astrology follows a more traditional approach to Hindu astrology.


Have you ever wondered why a certain number has a vibration and why each number has it’s own consciousness? The word number is derived from the latin word “Nombre” which translates to NAME. In this essence Numerology is about opening your identity - as to who you are, and what you represent within the sphere of your consciousness. 


Additionally,  Numerology is the study of each number vibration and how it affects our environment, personality, and personal relationships. Numerology is a spiritual practice that can bring utmost awareness by delving deeply into the secrets of the universe in a scientific/mathematical way that can enable self-discovery and self-mastery. 


Each number 1 through 9 holds a different vibration and energetic stance that enables each person in understanding their own unique qualities further broadening their self-awareness and authentication. 


Numerology is important to learn because it will help understand why certain vibrations don’t match up with your own. It also explores the psychological stance of each individual, and through this practice we understand the importance of embracing the unique qualities of each person by furthering our understanding of their blueprint. 


A Numerology chart in its entirety is highly complex, and it consists of 15-20 numbers, but usually a Numerologist will dive in the core 6 numbers of each person to determine their personality traits, their deepest internal needs, their purpose in life, and highlighting weaknesses and strengths in their chart. 


Your core 6 numbers are the following. 1) Life Path Number 2) Birthday Number 3) Expression Number 4) Soul Urge Number 5) Personality Number 6) Personal Year Number. 


How To Add Up Your Life Path Number? 


If you’d like to add up your life path number, this process is fairly easy. 

Your life path number consists of the entirety of your birthday. All you need is a little bit of basic math to find this number out. Let’s use an example here


Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) birthday: February 24, 1955


Step 1) You want to change the entire birthday in numerological form. Since Steve Jobs was born on February, his month will be convert to the number 2, since it is the second month of the year. This will make his birthday reveal itself as the following: 2/24/1955


Step 2) You want to add your birthday across - 2+2+4+1+9+5+5, when you add this number it becomes a 28.

Step 3) In Numerology, you want to keep breaking it down until it is a single digit. This is not inclusive towards the master numbers 11, 22, 33. Steve Jobs birthday adds to a 28. You want to add the 2+8 = 10. Continue adding until you get to ONE digit. We have to continue to break down the 10 from the 2+8. Next step we add 1+0 = 1. 


Steve Jobs is a 1 life path number - which heavily reflected his intiaton and innovative skills. What is your life path number?


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