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Bridgette Love is a Vedic-Numerologist and an independent researcher born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Bridgette grew up in humble beginnings and was born and raised in South Los Angeles in the Crenshaw District. Growing up she always felt like an inquisitive and introspective person and wanted to understand the true workings of the universe.


Bridgette was 16 years old when she was initiated and introduced to Numerology. Before that, she always had a true understanding that she was destined to walk a spiritual path and to be of service to others. At a young age she began diving deeply into the practice of Numerology implementing her craft within the scope of every happenstance, relationship, to further understand the mysteries of the world. 


Numerology became an experiential journey for her -- and she started reading charts for free in her spare time to advance her knowledge about the subject years before entering the world of YouTube in 2015. Bridgette is credited to be one of the first Numerologists to bring Numerology into the forefront and popularize it on social media. She has garnered more than 5 million views on her YouTube channel & has inspired and touched more than 100,000 hearts on YouTube throughout her career.

A few years later, Bridgette was brought to the practice of Vedic Astrology, first from a friend she met randomly online and then being re-introduced by it through her guru from Moradabad, India, who trained her extensively on the fundamentals and techniques of Jyotish. Since then her devotion & practice concerning both of these practices have been intrinsically researched and thoroughly explored and it's her life's work to continuously improve on these beautiful practices to further prove the magic and accuracy these ancient practices acquire. Bridgette hopes that through her work, these practices gain the serious reputation and respect it rightfully deserves. 


As of 2021, Bridgette has decided to revamp her YouTube channel to further her exploration on Numerology & Vedic Astrology. She is now creating documentary style videos to garner the visualization of the physical manifestations of Vedic-Numerology in our everyday immediate world. ART-strology is the world to better describe her work and essence. Bridgette's mission is to configure a way to reach audiences who want to understand the depth and truth of these ancient practices by taking a serious introspective journey and understand how their personal placements have an intense influence in one's own life without even being solely aware of it. If you enjoy Bridgette's work, please do chose to donate here to fund her work so she can continue to put out the videos she does. Thank you very much, we hope you're also on board!  

What is Vedic-Astrology?  (Jyotish)

Jyotish or also known as Vedic Astrology is the Hindu system of Astrology which utilizes the sidereal system that retracts 23 degrees less currently from the Tropical Western system. This practice is a profound and mathematically revealing form of Astrology that originated from the ancient texts of India, also known as the Vedas. 


Jyotish when translated into English translates  as the “science of light”. Therefore Jyotish is not just an astrological practice, it’s a lifestyle of discernment and conscious awareness and the individual nature of the self and others. The practice of Jyotish utilizes the 27 fixed lunar mansions also known as Nakshatras. What also differentiates Jyotish is the mathematical system attributed to the calculation of each degree within the Padas - which accumulate the reveal of the 60 Vargas. (Known as the divisional charts) Most Jyotish practitioners utilize the Vimshottari system (Known as Mahadashas) to reveal timing & destiny, 


This vast and complex practice of such sacred science acts as a way to shed awareness and at the same time cultivates strong disciplinary practices through physical and mental conditioning through Yogic practice, mantra meditation, and Sanskrit language teachings that helps fulfill our utmost potential. 


Jyotish is astoundingly healing and revealing as it utilizes the 7 original planets, but it does not include the outer planets (such as Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus). However, there are Vedic Astrologers that indeed do use the outer planets. Such practice describes and reveals planetary alignments given to each of us at birth, which can helps us understand what is our role in this world, and how to master one's own journey and helps us masterfully realign ourselves to our innermost truth and consciousness. 


Through the usage of Jyotish, we become analytical and introspective of our individual journey, as it can help us evaluate our strengths and challenges us to help optimize what our full potential is. By gifting ourselves the knowledge that is necessary to help us decipher when the next changing or period will come, we can earnestly walk every step forward with internal wisdom and awareness. Through the process of understanding this practice fundamentally, we can internalize not only our spiritual evolution but spread such light onto others as well. 

What is Numerology?

Have you ever wondered why a certain number has a vibration and why each number has it’s own consciousness? The word number is derived from the latin word “Nombre” which translates to NAME. In this essence Numerology is about opening your identity - as to who you are, and what you represent within the sphere of your consciousness. Additionally,  Numerology is the study of each number vibration and how it affects our environment, personality, and personal relationships. Numerology is a spiritual practice that can bring utmost awareness by delving deeply into the secrets of the universe in a scientific/mathematical way that can enable self-discovery and self-mastery. 


Each number 1 through 9 holds a different vibration and energetic stance that enables each person in understanding their own unique qualities further broadening their self-awareness and authentication. Numerology is important to learn because it will help understand why certain vibrations don’t match up with your own. It also explores the psychological stance of each individual, and through this practice we understand the importance of embracing the unique qualities of each person by furthering our understanding of their blueprint.


A Numerology chart in its entirety is highly complex, and it consists of 15-20 numbers, but usually a Numerologist will dive in the core 6 numbers of each person to determine their personality traits, their deepest internal needs, their purpose in life, and highlighting weaknesses and strengths in their chart. A Numerologist is like a code-breaker -- they are equipped with the right knowledge and wisdom to help you uncover potential growth and blockages in your path. Numerology is an effective tool for healing, discernment, compatibility, growth, and potential. 

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