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The Bridgette Love website was created for Numerology & Jyotish enthusiasts to gather more information regarding their own personal charts and life experiences. This is a space for visitors to feel welcomed and loved through the information that is given throughout this website. 


Writing articles, creating original content on YouTube, and finding resources for those who are seeking additional information is truly an honor from our hearts and we will continue to give of our time and creativity freely to expand the minds of those that are seeking. 


With any donation given, we are able to expand our services, create more written and video content, hire assistance, expand our research regarding Vedic-Numerology, maintain this website, and purchase technological equipment to produce better quality videos for YouTube! 

If you enjoy our free content, consider donating to help the production of more free original content that you may enjoy, help maintain and keep this website running, help uncover more information with research, and keep the resources and information freely on this website forever! Bridgette is a one woman show! :) 


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