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frequently asked questions. 

1. why should I INVEST in a numerology -or- vedic astrology reading? 

1. why should I INVEST in a numerology -or- vedic astrology reading? 

1. why should I INVEST in a numerology -or- vedic astrology reading? 

INVEST IN YOURSELF. INVEST IN OTHERS. The most important aspect of your personal journey is to try to invest in yourself. Getting a numerology or astrology reading will help you further understand who you are on a foundational basis, and with this knowledge (that you can take with you for the rest of your life) will help you understand yourself, your family, your peers, and even your business. Knowledge is POWER. 

UNDERSTAND YOUR UNIQUENESS. Numerology & Astrology opens the curtain to your quirks, and authenticity and by exploring these aspects of yourself, through the divination of numbers or planets. You become more susceptible for self-love, and healing. 75% of people who receive a Numerology or Astrology reading have stated that they feel a sense of validation. This is ultimately priceless because these practices confirm what you've known about yourself all along! 

RELATIONSHIPS IMPROVE. Knowing your own numerology or astrology charts can increase improvement in relationships because you start to understand that each individual is unique. You start to understand that everyone is made up of a unique blueprint or planetary dominance which enhances your independence and those around you. Codependency no more! 

LIFE PURPOSE REVEALED. Through the power of Numerology and Astrology, you get clues and pointers of what direction to take in your life. This can help you understand WHERE you are heading, and HOW you should go about your way. 

TIMING. Numerology and Astrology are notorious in immersing in the correct timing of events. Consulting with a trusted Numerologist or Astrologer can be extremely helpful in uncovering what would work best for you NOW and in the FUTURE.

IT'S A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCEWe don't receive Numerology or Astrology readings everyday. Therefore, investing in one, ONCE, with a trusted Astrologer or Numerologist can be very beneficial. You never know what kind of aha moment, or realization you'd receive within the reading. Everyone deserves a Numerology or Astrology reading!  

2. how many years experience do you have doing readings? 

2. how many years experience do you have doing readings? 

I have extensive experience in readings clients. My first client was a colleague I shared a classroom with at the age of 16. I read clients, colleagues, friends, and co-workers alike for FREE for 10 years, and started doing Numerology/Astrology readings professionally 5 years ago before starting my official YouTube channel. 

3. what is your intention or hope to accomplish for me [the client] within the time frame of a reading? 

3. what is your intention or hope to accomplish for me [the client] within the time frame of a reading? 

My intention for every client is to shed light on their numerological or astrological blueprint - guiding them with do's and don'ts dependent on their placement/ transits, and answer all questions to the best of my abilities with utmost honesty and integrity. A reading will NOT fix your life, but it will shed light and highlight potential growth areas. However you must be willing to do the work. 

4. how do I know I am ready for a reading? [with you, Bridgette]

Truthfully anyone at anytime can receive a reading however, in order to maximize the benefits of a reading you must be willing to do the work with the provided guidance AFTER the reading. If you're expecting someone who is going to hold your hand after provided guidance I wouldn't suggest getting a reading. If you're willing to work with me by applying the steps that are necessary to propel you forward in your journey, then we'd make an amazing duo! 

5. what is more accurate - numerology or vedic astrology? 

Truth be told both of these beautiful ancient practices are as accurate as they can be. However, both are spiritually enlightening in different ways. 

A numerology reading would be best if: 

1) You want the entire reading to be about you, and your life condition.

2) You want to understand the hidden psychological and behavioral patterns you have encompassed yourself in. 

3) You want to reach ultimate and maximum potential, which Numerology is able to tap into. 

4. You want to understand your blueprint, and understand how to strengthen your weakenesses. 

A vedic-astrology reading would be best if: 

1) You want detailed specifications about your life. 

2) You want accurate timing of events, and future projections. 

3) You want to explore your career, life purpose, and sense of self. 

4) You want to experience something different other than tropical astrology. 

Both of these wonderful practices are powerful. If you like a brief overview of BOTH of these ancient practices, I do offer a 90 minute session where I cover your Astrology/Nunerology chart together. You can book that reading HERE.

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