Acquiring TRUE Knowledge & The Elimination of Regurgitation (6th & 12th House)

Often times people ask how to acquire hidden knowledge, and how to understand it. One of the most common answers that seems second nature is to disperse oneself into books of well known authors and submit to a teaching by an accredited master or guru which shall further your accreditation to a philosophy or teaching. Essentially what this encourages is memorization rather than kinesthetically learning a concept with experiential knowledge, which is the bridge that connects learning and true understanding.

What one must remember in the essence of knowledge, is that in order to consume oneself with an actual concept and understand it fully, one must form a logical and understandable stance on what is being taught and connect it to the mundane, “the uninspired”, the small things you experience on a daily basis. Experiential knowledge means you can transpire a concept that is relative to you in physical form and transpire it to an abstract level. Allowing it to become relative to your immediate environment by applying new concepts within what was learned through your own unique lens and experience. This gift has already been acquired to each and every individual, because every one of us in unique and centered in creating a complex blueprint and we were created to become one with this uniqueness.

If you can connect astrology to a shoe, for example, you understand fundamentally how astrology is being consciously played throughout your own physical experience, which transcends the “magical” and grounds it down to what is being experienced in the physical world. When we realize that everything is connected to the metaphysical, we experience great understanding and wisdom. Knowledge is memorization, Wisdom is hindsight and connection. When this initiation process happens, you have connected the bridge many others have failed to comprehend because often times others will consider the path to “higher knowledge” or “spiritual knowledge” as an elitist path.

This often comes out as elitist and presumptuous. But there is nothing presumptuous about knowledge. Knowledge is in all things which transpire the abstract and embrace the physical realm. The axis between the 6th and 12th house inspire the notion that in order to reach a level of understanding for spiritual truths one must NOT persist and transcend the mundane, one must cultivate it and immerse themselves in what is being experienced in your immediate environment. Part of the reason why there are opposite axis positions in astrology is because one cannot exist without the other -- just like fire cannot supercede it’s own element without the notion of water. True mastery of information is connecting a concept and connecting it within a completely opposite concept, and within that connection lies originality. When you can connect a grandeur concept to something that is felt as physically experienced as shallow, you have mastered your concepts.

We must always look within ourselves for total understanding and wholeness. If we rely on others to project this for us, we have surrendered the single most important thing we can possess as humans: self-actualization. The world thrives on brokenness, because it loves to perpetuate self-hatred to stop people from become potentiated and whole. It makes money in every aspect in the name of brokenness -- where there is always a need to “keep up” because it’s rapidly changing course controls the masses into instilling these principals within their own nature. This is why there are advertisements everywhere, selling falsehoods and illusions that instead point you towards the opposite direction. Nothing you can do on the external sense will bring you towards a force more powerful than that of self-love. The most rebellious thing you can do is to love yourself, when the world constantly tells you you shouldn’t.


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