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Cultivating Confidence & Fearlessness With The Sun

Updated: May 19

To walk an authentic path always takes an immeasurable amount of courage because authenticity is cultivated by ones own will when one takes an initiative stand on ideologies and conceptual patterns that have been imposed on your identity. Notice in the Solar System, the Sun is in the middle of all rotating planets, therefore the Sun is the energy that needs no movement, rather it inspires and magnetizes movement in others simply with its rays.

The Sun or Surya is reflective on the external and internal nature of fearlessness and it expands even more so when one becomes united with their internal light. When one becomes protected by the armor of ones light, the light can become demanding, obtrusive, and even blinding to those who surround it by reflecting the true internal power of other people’s light. In this case, your truth or your expression will act like a filter with others. It will either inspire authenticity in others, or it will ravage and expose those who who’ve cultivated their falsehoods and dismantle everything that is not in built in truth.

This is why the Sun is considered to be a malefic planet. Because it is not diplomatic or balanced. It is extreme and forceful. Mesmerizing and dynamic. It can burn any bhava (house) it sits in, because it’s extreme cultivation of light can dismantle the more structured bhavas. The fall of Surya resides in Libra, which is the reason the Sun feels vastly uncomfortable strategizing with diplomacy on how to beget it’s agenda. It lacks intuition and emotional response, but it is magnetic, unforgettable, and inspiring. This is the reason why the Sun exalts in Aries because the intensity of Aries has no inhibitions, and without self-imposed limitations we can become truly creative and inventive.

Impulsivity is not only an act of “foolishness” which is correlated which such actions and Aries energy. It is also forceful, direct, and magnetizing and it can help tame the masculine energy in its most destructive energy to extract the purity that resides within the Sun. In Aries the Sun has full permissible stance on expressing its individuality without being apologetic or diplomatic. It does not ask, ir demands. Aries is the energy that will exert its dominance over the actions of the Sun.

Being fearless doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid, it means you’re going to do what you want to do DESPITE the results or the outcome in which may manifest. The Sun represents such course of action which means that fear is not something we can get rid of, but it is something we must “burn off” when we are living authentically in our true self. Living a fearless life is a commitment one must be willing to take, and it should become one with ones own personal values to cultivate the Sun’s strength. Your vitality, energy, and expression is all derived from the strength of your Sun.

How can you strengthen your Sun? Utilize Sundays as a way to deem expression and self-magnetization. Use this day to become one with your authentic path and journey. Do things that scare you, prove to yourself that your light is stronger than your darkness. Understand the importance of your impulses, are you acting upon such actions to blow off steam and cultivate genius work, or are you utilizing mass to exhibit the lower vibrational energy? Sun also signifies father because your father is a definite soul contract one chose in this lifetime, as through the father - the first masculine being in one’s life breeds confidence, trust, and creativity.

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