Difference Between Purpose & Career - 10th House vs 12th House

One of the most common questions asked in human nature is “what’s my purpose?” and “what’s my career?” - well contrary to popular belief, career and purpose are two different things. Career is what you are known for - which means you are attached to an identity, salary, job description, and payroll. Career is the accolades, recognition, and prestige you receive from performing or fitting the role of your job description. Career is the physical attraction we become one attached to -- in an egotistical semblance.

Your career is what your karma is, and what is your duty to serve and contribute on a societal and economic stature. This is based on the aspect that Saturn is the indicator of Karma as it is the original ruler of the 10th house, because our jobs are contributing to the economic system and in the deeper essence -- understand the functions of the servitude we are providing for others. Notice how every career wouldn't be possible without people. Career is always attributed to survival -- a primal force that forcibly tends to your own basic human needs such as feeding ourselves.

Every job and industry is meant to serve humanity in some way - either to serve or to hinder, respectively. In the same essence, Saturn helps us determine this through the aspect that every job, despite its “glamour” or “reputation” is essentially hard, tedious, and repetitive. This is why Saturn plays an important role to determine career because Saturn will essentially give results, when and if we’re able to understand what role Saturn plays in our charts, and how it plays into our careers.

Saturn essentially teaches us through the 10th house, that every career ends because the Sun tries to take over as an authoritative force in the 10th house, only to be constantly challenged which why Sturn and Sun are not on the same page. When the Sun tries to take over the house that was originally ruled by Saturn, it always comes out on top but the Sun cannot shine it’s purity. This is why the Sun belongs more so in the 1st or 5th house to determine a great career without setbacks. The 10th house is contributive like Saturn, not self-expressive like the Sun.

To find your life purpose and calling we must look at the 12th house, because the 12th house is the channel in which we use to tap into something higher than ourselves. Life purpose is not just a job, it’s a divine calling from God/source that is asking you to implement a mission that may or may not be paid well, because it goes deeper than money, recognition, fame, or prestige. Your calling is a mission, it is something that you do which brings great joy - physically you may literally get HOT simply by talking about it, because that is spirit moving through you, as if you’re being controlled by the spirit itself.

In order to find your calling, you must understand what is the role your 12th house is playing in your chart & what kind of experiences must go through to liberate yourself. When you liberate yourself from all inhibitions and self-imposed judgements which cannot be articulated in the abstract notion the 12th house is key. The 12th house has no rules, restrictions, or limitations because the ideology of one's subconscious mind is the fluidity of the mind. You can reach higher consciousness and understand your purpose by elevating your experiences and expectations of yourself.


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