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Harnessing a Private Life and Obliterating Public Adoration

Nowadays people like to overshare every aspect of their lives on social media, and somehow it is connected to the belief that somehow sharing one’s life and personal implications makes one more “relatable” and “seen”, this in fact is a total loss when we think about how no matter how inclusive we become others having a peek into our personal lives, the realization is that there is absolutely no substance, because no one in the outer world is ever immersed in your private world the way we understand it or perceive it.

This is essentially why the North Node (Rahu) sits well in public houses - dealing with others, accessing networking, and connections such as 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house, because these houses have an understanding in exposing illusions in the outer realm - such as public displays that cannot be pinpointed with certainty or solidification. Often times “vulnerability” is often praised as “courageous” and “brave”, but a foolish man cannot be such things.

We can try to seem relatable and honest when we expose ourselves to the world, but that is not something that withstands because all things we become & all things we are - are not permanent. It is a waste to try to expose something you’re not even sure will stay within you, or be a part of you, and because of this changeable nature - often times we assess ourselves as walking contradictions.

The use of public display should always be accentuated of service, hence the reason Saturn is the original planet of the 10th & 11th house, and the only way to truly contribute and become enticing to the public is by connecting with your inner need to contribute in society, contribute in an industry, contribute to a cause, and contribute outside of yourself. It is hard to do this, when self-interest & narcissism has become the norm.

The problem is we start to celebrate and enmesh ourselves in people’s personal life, where we celebrate their efforts in becoming relatable and “honest”. It is often praised to be “opened” and “vulnerable” - but the essential root cause of such gestures is to connect with another, and that is something that is only transmuted behind closed doors and in private.

When we are fed into this falsehood, we start to believe our personal life is a gesture and a favor we are handing out to the public, but in reality the information you expose becomes a property to the public, and the illusion will continue to grow, without any true substance or solidification.

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