How To SPOT Fake & Inauthentic Astrologers.

Updated: Apr 5

The online space has been saturated with so many “self-proclaimed” astrologers, that it’s essentially hard to determine who is in it for the clout and who’s in it because they have a genuine connection to the craft. Nowadays spirituality has been monetized and commercialized, which has essentially created a blur between those who are in this field for the right reasons and those who decided to infiltrate it.

Astrology is a sacred practice -- and it should be regarded as such. With the ongoing transition of a more digitized world through COVID-19, the online space has become a fortitude for new career opportunities. So many people have jumped on the bandwagon of spirituality, and then take it to a whole new level of degradation for personal gain and success.

So I want to help you determine how to make the right choices - specially when you're looking for a credible Astrologer who can genuinely provide guidance, counsel, and advice and at the same time have utmost self-awareness of the work they must do to cultivate excellence in this field.

A genuine Astrologer will NEVER try to sell and persuade you to buy their services.

When you decide to get an Astrology reading, this personal decision is one that is to be taken seriously. Not only are you going to trust someone with your utmost vulnerable self, but this person (Astrologer) will be opening your soul’s blueprint. Your Astrology chart is not only sacred, it is a highly personal, revealing, and deep experience to dive into.

A serious Astrologer understands the severity of this energetic exchange, and will never try to persuade and upsell you into booking a reading with them. Every ethical Astrologer will understand that the querent/seeker will come to them if and when the timing is right and when it feels right. Trying to convince you to get a session with them screams desperation and it should be evaluated further.

A genuine Astrologer KNOWS they do not have all the answers.

Every genuine Astrologer knows that the practice of learning astrology comes with humility and grace. This means that no matter how “advanced” an Astrologer is in their personal study and craft, they have a deep understanding that there’s still more to know – and this yearning to learn never subsides. This willingness to know will last a lifetime because truthfully Astrology is a rabbit-hole of information that is never-ending.

If an Astrologer proclaims self-professed greatness and "knows it all" that is an automatic red flag. No Astrologer knows everything -- because Astrology is a highly complex system of nuances and connections that usually take a lifetime of experiences to understand. Remember that Astrologers are people too, they aren’t gurus or gods – they are simply providing guidance to help you individuate your path and illuminate potentials. They aren’t the end all be all and should not be regarded as such.

A genuine Astrologer takes LIVE readings through Zoom or Phone call. They will not digress into “recordings” and abide to avoidant behavior.

This is one of those I admit into falling when I was younger. However, that was a mistake Iearned to not do. However recently this is one of the rampant issues many Astrologers have that I’ve seen run rampant online. Offering a "recorded" reading is simply an act of avoidance. This means if an Astrologer is not willing to interact with you socially 1-1, they aren't well trained in handling energetic exchanges which disqualifies them from ever doing the work that is required in the first place. Human interaction is needed for an Astrology reading because it's an exchange of energy.

A phone call or a Zoom chat is essential for an efficient reading as it holds the Astrologer accountable, and at the same time you (as the querent) are free to ask questions (unexpected ones) that will truly test the Astrologer’s knowledge and expertise. If an Astrologer continues to stay within the platform of recordings, perhaps they aren't so sure about their craft and they dread the unpredictability of a LIVE reading. This should ask you to further question if this Astrologer is real or not.

Beware of CATCHY names such as “Celebrity Astrologer”, “#1 Astrologer in Vancouver, CA” or “Astrology Goddess” in order to market themselves as a fictional character or alter ego.

No Astrologer should ever have a moniker or "alter ego" name. Only pop stars are susceptible to that for marketing purposes - or attention and clout. This reason alone should help you question if an Astrologer is genuine for the right reasons -- or simply because they want to get fame for accolades and recognition. Monikers usually scream insecurity and a sense of lack. Anyone who is genuinely confident in their craft, or have a sense of purpose into what they're doing will never be comfortable talking calling themselves these nicknames.

A genuine Astrologer does his or her own research. They will not regurgitate and parrot what the internet and what everyone else is saying regarding placements -- you will find elements in their work that transpires originality and critical thinking.

This is one of the hardest to come by, but real Astrologers are those who are inquisitive. I talk about the importance of inquisitive in one's own personal journey, and how to abide to one's authentic path if and when one's to choses to be an Astrologer. If your Astrologer of interest is only looking within the confinements of articles that can easily be found on google, online, and CafeAstrology -- then their work should be questionable.

The duty of an astrologer is to question the normalcy of life by the configuration of patterns and assembling them as high probability conclusions. You do not want to be guided by an Astrologer who is lazy and uninspired. You want to be guided by an Astrologer who has a true passion for the craft and cultivates their own independent research to further the knowledge of Astrology for the world. Not because they want to be known and loved for the sake of fame and recognition.

A genuine Astrologer tells you the truth, and will not sugarcoat your reading. They will also empower you, and not try to upsell you expensive remedies (such as crystals, runes, and other divinatory tools) to solve your issues and problems.

An Astrologer that is genuine about helping you will NEVER offer you expensive remedies. Astrology is purely energetic and at times even psychological -- if your Astrologer is offering expensive remedies they may not be so well versed in the craft, and want to have a quick buck from your vulnerability. True remedies are often found within your own chart, and if your Astrologer can highlight them as reminders for you, that is a wonderful sign that he/she is willing to work with you because they know you're empowered already.

A genuine Astrologer is a studious one, who is not swayed by biases. They come into a conclusive ideal by detaching themselves from their personal identity to try to see the bigger picture. (This is not to be confused by spiritual bypassing).

A true Astrologer will always want to learn -- therefore in order to learn an Astrologer has to be unbiased and detached form their personal identity. If an Astrologer is ranting online about politics, using divisive language, and spreading more hate/fear within the aspects of our current world -- most likely this Astrologer hasn't done the work. They are emotionally unstable and will therefore not give sound and solid advice in your Astrology reading. The work needs to be done in order to cultivate a balanced state of mind and awareness to guide.


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