• Bridgette Love

Indications of True Love

When someone truly loves you, they will nurture you, grow with you, and accept you. They will never act like you are a part of them or an extension of them. They don’t see you as an accessory simply because you have a certain look, or because your career is in tact, or because you have a talent, or because you like a certain genre of music, or because you fit perfectly into a mold. They see value in your nothingness. In what makes you unidentifiable and not accessible. ⁣

They rather see you as a piece of art, a sacredness - a creation that is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated, appreciated but not possessed. They won’t try to change your canvas, or “repaint” over the mistakes you’ve cultivated throughout the years. They won’t try to remake your “painting” because they respect it as a living, breathing, and sanctioned piece of art. They won’t try to curate it or sell it for all to see as a display, but rather they’d keep you safe in their exclusive world; like a long lost treasure to be preserved for the future. ⁣

When someone truly loves you, they will posses and cultivate patience⁣. They will wait for you, even when they are with you. They will absolve all constructs of time, and feel your presence as an eternal in force that has no man-made bounds. They will feel every inch of your aura, love all that you are, and experience it’s transcendental fraction and the feeling with never wither, never fade, never absolve. It feels dreamy, surreal, and enchanting, there are no words to explain. They will connect you higher to source, without consciously closing to do so. ⁣

When someone truly loves you they will let you be and let you go. Like a rose in a garden, instead of picking you for personal pleasure, instead they nurtured you to your best, and watched you grow until they aren’t needed anymore. They overcome the tendency to “have you” and be joyous for your ultimate autonomy, freedom, and individual journey. They will be euphoric seeing you thrive. They will be fearless, they will be patient, they will be compassionate, and it will be sublime. The most important thing is that love transforms you forever, it is an ending phase we must experience.

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