Saturn & Moon Conjunction - The Spiritual Initiate

You are a Spiritual Teacher by the mere fact that you’re breathing. All things that matter and all things that exist carry inherent wisdom through their own internal experiences. This is why each and every person in this world carries karmic energy, or else they’d be liberated from their cycles, and they’d have no sorrows to weep.

The basis of teaching and learning are both integrated in the human experience. Shani, being the lord of karma is in the works of developing and acquiring “authoritative wisdom” as he inherently renders drastic and turbulent adversity in order to cultivate mastery. This in turn works as the student complex, which reiterates the notion that in order to teach and become a master, one had to serve and dilute ignorance with the self.

This is why we can find wisdom in everybody, even if they acquire “negative” tendencies, because everyone we encounter has learned a fundamental lesson through Lord Shani. All situations and beings surrounding your reality are the embodiment of how you perceive yourself, which in turn also carry their own karmic cycles and through every experience they sought out is where wisdom is acquired.

This is why we can find wisdom outside of books, texts, and language because to learn is to observe, and form your own interpretations in how you acquire knowledge. Spiritual teachers aren’t elitists, and they do not share information to cause separateness from those that are seeking, they regard inclusivity in all forms - and know that all people who come to seek them are also teachers and they humbly know this to be so.

This is why every soul carries Saturn in their chart, as Saturn is the symbol of seeking and finding limitations and breaking through their self-limiting beliefs. We can learn from a homeless person, just as much as we can learn from a King. There is no differentiation in wisdom, and there is no universal truth - other than honoring the truths of others as long as no harm is being bestowed upon others, and no ideal is being presented as truth for future pitfalls. More to come on Saturn Moon conjunction.


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