How To Stop Idolizing Others & Cultivate Your Own Genius

Updated: Apr 19

When we become a “fan” of something or someone, we begin to idolize them through a projection or an image they’ve chosen to convey in the outer world. Instead of instilling proper foundations, on what one should follow —that is our very own journey, convictions, and ultimate authentication; We distract ourselves by succumbing to the illusive concepts that are instilled within us through celebrities, heroes, and public figures because we struggle to find our inner light. ⁣This is in connection to the Rahuvian cultural norm we’ve been able to cultivate throughout generations. ("Rahuvian" indicates the "Rahu-ruled" culture that has watered down authenticity and garners vanity metrics above all else)


In truth, idolization is a masked form of envy because when we admire someone, we want to become attached to their virtues and their cultivated light. We want to become that which makes them special and unique, because we feel we aren’t agile enough to cultivate it. Presumably, whatever they hold dear, that you may feel lack for thereof is an internal desire one seeks through them - which becomes a vicarious lifestyle. In the end, the conceptual image of this person is often annihilated because worshipping a flawed individual by nature oftentimes leads to failure and disintegration. ⁣This will also lead to destructive habits of self-hatred and self-annihilation as the further one pushes to be like someone else, self-depicted negativity magnetizes.


Idolization can quickly turn dangerous, when admiration seeps into feelings of inferiority and self-hatred through the stance of comparison between the worshipper and the idol. When we become attached to someone else’s light, we have struggled to understand and find our own.

When we become intensely magnetized to another individual or concept, power is cultivated and it seeps over the self, and ultimately manipulates and expands self-annihilation. For this reason alone, when someone idolizes another they are mentally weak or haven’t cultivated the strength of their own light. ⁣

Usually an obsession with idolizing another person is connected to where your Rahu is. Rahu is the point in which we must walk the path, and so the people we idolize will have planets on top of our Rahu, or will have the same Ketu placement as your moon. The nodes are prominent in idolization, because the nodes are responsible for bringing fame and acclaim to an individual because fame is an irrational but often sought out lifestyle by others. It is the height of Rahu where fame supersedes the individual.


For this reason alone, teenagers or underdeveloped individuals are often the victims of advertisements, media propaganda, and encouraged to worship celebrities because they haven’t cultivated the strength of their own light and values; they’ve never been trained to be independent thinkers; they’ve never practiced the process of self-individuation; they’ve never been given the option to be different and question because such experiences are isolation - so instead they cast themselves as sheep, and become worshippers of the ultimate illusion known to man: FAME. ⁣


The purpose of idolization is to withstand the intense magnetism of another, admire them from afar, but release and disintegrate the illusion of that person or idea. If we become attached to an idea that becomes one with a changeable person, it doesn’t purport tangible results. We will fall into the trap of loving a person simply because of an idea we have cultivated about them, not because it’s unconditional and true. This is the reason fame is ruled by Rahu because it is an illusion such as fame. With fame, we may feel we are loved, but it’s a false love because it the attached idea that withstands within that love. Rahu cannot provide true love because it does not contain it. If we believe this to be true, we will continuously fail, and we will also allow Rahu to continuously destroy us.

Cultivating your own genius means you detach from other people’s work, other people’s creations, and other people’s craft. In other words, if you feel like you're being pulled towards someone's work, appreciate it to an extent. Don't try to emulate that person's work because the energetic exchange is one that can cause much spiritual consequences which will cause further confusion. When you’re able to see nothing but what you can cultivate and create from the inner voice with Ketu, you will be able to understand what your uniqueness can bring.

  1. Unfollow and detach from any person you admire from an UNHEALTHY standpoint. In order for you to stop operating from a place of lack, ask yourself if you admire this person because you feel they have something you don't, or because you genuinely care about the work that they put out.

  2. Isolation is the birth of creativity and genius. When we become attached towards others and out identity start enmeshing with someone else's influence, we become and start to subconsciously pull their energy into ours. In order to cultivate true authenticity, isolation is required. This means shutting out the world (In a balanced way, of course) to meet your true self, and this is a sacrifice you must be willing to take if you want to explore the depths of your creativity.

  3. Create from an experiential standpoint. Your personal experiences are unique. This means no one can replicate your experiences. Create from an experiential standpoint, and not from another person's view or perspective.

  4. Don't be afraid to look "stupid". Creativity requires you to take big conceptual and spiritual leaps. It's not just about being "creative" because it's therapeutic -- you have to MEAN what you say, and MEAN what you do with your art. In other words, you're going to do and say things other people have not dared to do.

  5. Take bigger risks & start listening to your inner voice above all else. Enough said.

  6. Don't put other people's work on pedestals. You can admire and respect someone else's work, but they are not to be facilitated as an "end all be all" gateway to your creativity.

  7. Connect to source/cultivate a spiritual practice. All divine creation is connected to the outer realm, not from our logical minds. 12th house rules intense imagination for this reason alone. Don't be afraid to visit that unknown place, which always reeks discovery.

  8. When you feel pulled towards someone's creativity -- pause and think for a moment and understand the fundamentals of why there is a pull. Sleep on it. Try to figure out why you admire and want to replicate this person's work. Understanding yourself from a root level is essential so you're not driven by this desire.

The tips mentioned in the latter truly extrapolate the true reasons it's important to cultivate one's own journey of discovering our genius. We cannot do that -- if we're not able to detach from the outer influences that surround us constantly.


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