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The Moon (Chandra): Quality of Life, Mother, and Life Experience

The Moon (Chandra): Quality of Life, Mother, and Life Experience

The moon is the most important planet to explore within your chart. The moon has all the connections and interwoven conscious thoughts we enmesh ourselves in on a daily basis. The moon is the true indicator of what you will experience in life, hence the reason it is also connected to the Mahadasha you first incarnated in, as whichever Nakshatra rules your moon, it’s lordship will take part in the intiatory physical experience you will encounter. The Mahadasha is an era in which a planet will surge and take over, and whichever bhava that planet resides in, will be the one you’ll be dealing with in a physical manner.

The mahadashas that are truly being controlled by the moon, which project future experiences, as they will expand the alarming nature of your physical reality, and the eras in which you will live your life through. Therefore, even the moon acts as an intuitional force in your life, by defining the very experiences and soul progressions you must withstand in this lifetime. Because of this, the moon is seen as the most important placement in your chart, because it will carry weight on what karmic breakthroughs you will experience, and what your soul actually needs to experience. Even though the moon is the fastest moving planet, it’s position is the most crucial as the moon traspires and magnetizes the house it resides in. It is why the moon carries a weight like no other because it will define everything in your current reality but it’s fast moving nature can be changeable and erratic.

The Moon also represents the heart, the home, the mother - the most internally important facets that make up your perception about the world. Through your mother, you were able to garner a perception by her own projections and teachings she passed down to you. She becomes the world to you, as she defines your world and helps you navigate through this earth by what she determines is consciously and psychologically connected. Mother will give us quality of life, because her dharma is to love and protect her children, therefore we learn what love is through our connection with mother. The most important aspect to connect with our mother is to be unconsciously connected because when we resided in mother’s womb, we weren’t conscious but we were still alive within her body.

Our mother is the first feminine force we encounter, therefore her actions are connected as to how we are able to understand our own intuition, the way we are able to connect with aspects in ourselves that are hidden and unconsciously with others. If neglect, abuse, and separation with mother occurs we can become easily swayed by whatever desires overtake her, and we become prisoners or victims of the world surrounding us. It can be a detrimental aspect if we cannot see how our mother shaped us, and studying your mother and understanding her is key in healing unconscious and hidden wounds that you may attain. The key to connection with your mother is to connect and magnetize the secret realm, to master occult and hidden knowledge, and to learn to worship divine femininity.

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