• Bridgette Love

Venus in Virgo vs Pisces: The Destruction of Fixated Details

Venus known as the planet of beauty and adoration is often alluded as the muse. Venus is the muse because she is able to harness and perfect her own beauty, but at the same time she can influence artistry and creativity and protrude such thoughts wherever she goes with whatever she does. Because of this, the muse is healing because only through perfected beauty can we be inspired and activate creative impulse.

The artist is heavily compelled and magnetized towards Venus as the artist loses self-control and rationality beyond its own comprehension, and this pull towards her becomes animalistic in the sense in which it cannot be tamed or understood in a rational sense. When Venus pulls she is in her exaltation point in Pisces -- her aura and her light becomes a prison and confinement & dreamlike to those who try to be a part of her. Alluring and repressive, but provoking and enlightening are feelings that are revoked in her radiance.

When such beauty is understood in another individual - when the artist and the muse come together, all rationale is dilapidated, and the feeling - the pull, is the only thing that can be consciously remembered. Therefore beauty and all things that are aesthetically pleasing cannot be appreciated unless they are understood from the exaltation point of Venus. If you consider a person or a thing beautiful simply because of an external factor - a symmetrical face, an ideal body shape, the touch of their color scheme on decor - we become critical & you are pulling in the lowest form of Venus.

When we become critical of others, we are allowing the frontal lobe and rationality to take over -- and our need for creativity, artistry, and beauty is halted within us essentially killing the muse.The more harsh criticism we disperse onto others -- the harder it will be to harness innovation & creativity within ourselves. The spiritual consequences of such actions is usually reflected onto those who experience resistance to the very beauty they can create -- and such healing can only be received when we become one with the muse destroying all separateness from details by devoting ourselves to the obscure, unknown, and unreachable.

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