What Is a Life Path Number?

We will be exploring today in depth what is a life path number, what does it mean, and how to utilize this number to its entirety. In level of importance, from a scale 1 to 10, the life path number a 9. This number is extremely important to understand and dive into as it is the portion in our chart that indicates the recurring lessons, experiences, and manifestations that will be taking place in this lifetime. Your life path number is a journey, not a destination.

If your intention is to research what a life path number is, it will usually be defined as a number that characterizes personality traits of a native or something pseudo reflective. I beg to differ that a life path number are the personality characteristics, as this is mostly found through the expression number or even the personality number itself. The life path number is not inherent in you through behavioral patterns or visualizations, it is more of a an invisibility cloak that is not seen directly, but is rather discovered through your lifespan. This is why this number is called a life PATH - I am emphasizing the word PATH because it symbolizes the journey you must participate in to reach the desired goal. This goal is to reach the life path to enhance and discover your authentic truth through the lessons that must be learned to come back to the authentic soul.

You may be asking yourself, “Well if a life path is about the journey and not the personality, why is it that I get along with others with the same life path?” The reason for this phenomena is called psychological congruence which means we become self-actualized when the ideal self is being enhanced with a behavior within yourself or in another person. This creates a harmonious effect, which can be confused as “getting along” but it’s really a bond of relating to one another on an internal spiritual level. This is not articulated in physical form, but rather felt and explored spiritually. When you meet someone with the same life path number, it’s like watching yourself in the mirror because you see yourself in that person. The life path or the goal is the same, which means the lessons are the same but with differing situations and circumstances. This is why you can feel this connectivity with someone even outside your ethnic background or culture, because of this harmonious effect. In an intuitive internalized state you are rooting for this person to complete his or her mission in life because you wish to complete your own.

So what exactly is the mission with your life path? The mission with your life path is to enhance your soul connection to the universe by expressing your authentic self.

By expressing your authentic self, you will be creating an initiation in this dimension in order for others to progress and be authenticated as well. To express your authentic self, you are traveling towards the root of your authentic soul, which is the very source that created your being. It is no surprise as to why some may have the “IT” factor, and this is because that person has fully surrendered to the life path number, which allows them to be in their own light or truth. Why is authenticity important to find in this regard? Because by living your truth, you are leaving behind your unique contribution/legacy and blueprint, by creating an effect on external circumstances and environments. This is why people procreate because through their own children they are leaving a legacy behind - the likeness of creating a separate unique and irreplaceable individual to the self but comes from the self. We all have an inherent desire to be remembered and be exempt from oblivion. Your life path number is the way to leave behind something that will continuously IMPACT the universe, by setting yourself up as an example to others who have strayed from their own path.

What usually happens is you will go into a subconscious resistance, which means that the you will look for external sources outside of the self to eradicate and convert into something entirely unknown for the sake of exploration. It’s as if when someone tells you “this is forbidden territory” and you suddenly become more intrigued by something you don’t have access to. Because the opposite of the life path number is something foreign to you soul, this creates a sense of adrenaline which means, that you approach external sources for validation in an irrational way. You may want to explore a path completely different to the life path because you feel as if you will be discovering something that is outside of yourself or as if there is something more to look for and that will bring this “magical” satisfied state.

This is the ultimate temptation for your soul’s journey and it must be defeated to have access to true authenticity. This is why straying from the life path never works, because the life path number is about liberating the authentic self from the illusion self. You will try to go into the different opposing direction from your life path, but in the end you will always come back to that very source due to that source being the integral part of your being. So consider your life path number like a the root source of your being, and altering it with more consciousness and growth as the infinite goal.

This has been an experience in my personal practice, that seekers are always looking for “more” in life, but are unsure what that might be. This “more” mentality stems from the lack of discovery in the area of the life path. For example, if you are a Life Path 5, there is a need to experience liberation and freedom, therefore what is pursued as “right” or “acceptable” is to harness structure and discipline to create a life of security. So this becomes an obsession with the Life Path 5 because they want to experience and build a structured foundation around their internal and hidden need for chaos. This is where the LP5 will feel irrelevant despite achieving the desired goal, but TRULY AND ULTIMATELY they achieved nothing. If the LP5 had gone through the route of the life path, they’d be uncovering and exploring the depths of their own path with immeasurable opportunities and experiences that can enhance the experience and traits of the LP5.

The problem with the lack of discovering your life path number stems from the soul urge number, which is what I consider to be the MOST important number in Numerology. If the soul urge number is different or is not compatible with the life path number, there is internal conflict. The soul urge holds the true power over all the other numbers in the chart, because it is the root based reason as to why you were reincarnated.

So what happens with the other billions of people who’ve never found their life path number? They are simply living their lives and their own truths as per this lifetime.This is something that was referenced in my “Are Spiritual People Crazy?” video which i will highlight now on your right corner, which states that there are some people that will be called to seek Numerology and others will not, and this will cause a filtration process by separating and casting away those that won’t bring relevancy to the subject or they are simply not ready to diverge into it.

There is no judgement in this sentiment, as we all have to follow the path we feel most resonant with us. Some people won’t simply resonate with Numerology, so it will be labeled as not truthful. This is okay, it is not up to anyone to judge another person’s spiritual journey or truth, because there simply isn’t a desire to explore this side. This is why you are watching this video, because perhaps you’ve had the notion of bringing much clarity to your own soul, because there is self-awareness in you that you desire to explore. It is why the life path number is extremely important to know, so you can cultivate your strengths and your weaknesses in a healthily manner.

So how can we use the life path number to it’s entirety? I have to say this answer in two words: Become Inquisitive. There is a mistake people do, when they learn about the life path number - and this mistake is made by just accepting the positive aspects of the life path number and thinking and/or believing that those traits are they are. This is what causes stagnation because there is no need to break away from the fixated nature of a belief of something you heard or read online. Think of a life path number as your unique journey, one in which no other soul has been able to walk. Since you are the essence of many other components and unique DNA you are the only person in this lifetime now that can experience your life path in your own individualized way. This means that before you put in the effort to emerge into the life path, there has to be an inquisitiveness and a desire to seek more. You must be willing to accept that there is more to your life than what you’re actually experiencing.

Because you’ve become inquisitive and have the attitude to open yourself up to the life path, this is when opportunities and experiences occur naturally for you. You must be willing to accept that no one will have to understand your path, and that you have the ability to move on with your life path regardless of the pressure. This is why inquisitiveness is so important to attain, because when one has a strong urge to figure something out nothing can stand in your way. If you feel as if the life path number doesn’t resonate with you, it is perhaps because you’re blocked from the source or there hasn’t been much exploration in that area.

Which is why, I urge all Numerology enthusiasts to attempt using Numerology as a tool to give you direction. What people mistake in using Numerology, is they view it as an automated “fortune telling” tool, which is actually not what Numerology is. This is why Numerology can even be used in the psychology department, because it’s wisdom is not 100 percent divanatory - it is quite psychological as well and can be explored to enhance your life direction.

So how can you start feeling “at home” when you’re already home? Let’s analyze this notion, with one of the most famous movies of the 20th century, “The Wizard of Oz”. When analyzed this film has a strong urge to show it’s audience, that the characters in the film seek to be validated and assured in their authentic path - only to find out that they had all they needed within themselves already. This is in relation in honoring the life path, as the journey is ultimately to go back to source and the original self.

Dorothy plays the archetype of the lost soul who seeks to wander away from her original source. In the beginning of the film, we observe Dorothy’s unsatisfied state - her soul feels lost, she does not know where she belongs, and she yearns to be somewhere else. The colorless aspect in the beginning of the film is a depiction of how she views her original home. Mundane, uninspiring, and even tragic. This is where usually an unevolved person feels when they have strayed or are not familiar with their life path, as they experience a sense of “not belonging” to their own roots or source.

Her very famous song, “Somewhere over the rainbow” is symbolic to her and other characters incessant want and need of more color, adventure, and purpose and she feels like her “color” is foreign or far away from her. The song is heavily influenced by a sense of longing, and a need to find the missing element in her life. She becomes inquisitive in her journey, and she trusts her intuition, as she is attached to her little dog toto.

Dorothy’s journey throughout to movie, which is essentially her quest to return home - is heightened by coming across characters that are seeking the external force as well. She is constantly mirrored by the notion that there are people around her who are just a conscious on what is missing with themselves. This is what draws us to the characters, as we initially start to see that they posses the very qualities they wish to have.

The tin man wishes to have a brain, yet exuberates brilliance and tact, the scarecrow wishes to to have a heart, but showcases utmost compassion and conscientiousness, and the lion wishes to be be brave, yet demonstrates a highly level of courage and dutifulness throughout the film. It is then revealed that what they identified with was essentially something foreign other than who they really are, seeking and trying to find the missing element.

This theme is centered heavily on the wizard of Oz, who was given the “authority” and power to determine whether or not the the characters were worthy of they wished to seek. This is heavily related to theme of an unevolved person’s life, when they seek luxury, materialism, or an external identity to have an illusion authority over the self. It was however useless in the end, but the journey is what harnessed the lesson. In the end, Dorothy and her friends discover that they had what they wished they seek without succumbing to the Wizard of Oz, as he was virtually non-existent throughout the film. The yellow brick road symbolized the awareness and awakened state Dorothy was about to embark on. She, however, was reluctant to act upon it, and she rendered her strength by allowing herself to stray from the path - only to know that she was on the path all along.

The notion of the life path is that you are your authentic self, but you do not inherently feel automatically authorized to be that authentic self. The short theme that The Wizard of Oz gives to the us, is used as an example to the journey one goes through that usually lasts a life span. When and if you start to see your own process and authentic self, in your life path, then all else will come “home” for you, just like Dorothy inherently brought the color or we can say “awareness” back into her life with accepting her path, and coming back to the source.

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