This study guide is a commomerative gathering of all the basic concepts of Jyotish. This is a beginners study guide which entails the most basic concepts in which has the concepts have been simplified for the understanding of the individuall. This is a 7 page packet which can be used to start your own individual Jyotish journey. The packet includes: 

  • Basic significance of each Planet (Graha) and the role they intake in the chart
  • Location of each house (Using the North Indian Style Chart) 
  • House meanings: a detailed diaphram of what each house entails 
  • House classifications and categories (eg. moksha, dussthana, upachaya) 
  • All signs and thier significant lordships 
  • Sankrit terminology related to the planets and the signs 
  • Exaltation and debilitation points of all planets 
  • Malefic and benefic planets 

Vedic Astrology Study Guide For Beginners

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